Video: The Wolves promise to reveal new investor next week

On this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, the recently acquired Wolves (a.k.a. Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) cut a promo promising to reveal the rumoured new investor next week.

That show will mark the beginning of TNA's annual UK tour, with that particular episode emanating live from the Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland.

Watch the video below and leave us your thoughts.


News: TNA Wrestling fails to secure Universal Studios for 2014

TNA have reportedly failed to secure any further dates at Universal Studios in 2014.

After their unsuccessful attempt at going on the road in 2013, the return to Orlando was mooted as a permanent home base for all future TV tapings. However, all soundstages have been booked out by other productions for the foreseeable future.

This will have little affect in the short term, as TNA are still airing taped shows recorded in early December. Soon to be followed by a live Genesis PPV in Huntsville and the annual UK tour, which will see them tape a further six weeks of programming over the course of three nights.

The true test will be in March, once all taped material has aired and they begin the search for a home anew.

CLEM'S TAKE: Another boneheaded move, hot on the heels of the loss of AJ Styles. I love TNA, I really do, but that won't stop me from pointing out obvious mistakes. Universal Studios was TNA's safety net. The place they return to when all else fails. Without a trusty soundstage on standby, that forces them back out on the road, the scene of dwindling attendance and bad vibes. Say what you want about the size of soundstage 19, but it looked a whole lot better than the empty arenas of the final road shows. They have obvious leeway in the shape of the UK tour, carrying them through till March at least, but those taped shows will fly by. They need to know where they're going, and soon.


News: Jeff Hardy makes return to OMEGA as Willow the Wisp

TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy made his return to OMEGA Championship Wrestling this past weekend. He did so under the guise of former gimmick, Willow the Wisp. In this brief appearance, he saved his brother Matt Hardy and close friend Shane Helms from a post-match beatdown by ECW Alum, C.W. Anderson. Find highlights of the event attached below!

News: Hulk Hogan still a free agent

Despite reports of Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan re-signing with TNA (after a low-ball offer from WWE), both sides have confirmed that no new deal has been struck, rendering him a free agent.

Last week, TNA had begun running advertisements for Sunday's Bound for Glory pay-per-view, prominently featuring Hogan. However, the company has since pulled any such ads and is moving forward under the impression the Hulkster will not be making an appearance.

Clem's Take: While it's unfortunate to lose such a high profile "talent" days before their biggest pay-per-view of the year (if only from a marketing aspect), recent history indicates Hogan's absence will make no difference to the final buyrate. With TV and PPV revenue falling, I'd actively campaign AGAINST spending so much money on a complete non-factor. If he can't pop a rating by showing up on Impact, people aren't likely to want to pay for the privilege. TNA have dodged a bullet, this week at least.


Rumour: TNA to pull Impact Wrestling off the road?

Less than a year after leaving the Impact Zone, rumour has it that TNA are considering taking Impact Wrestling off the road once again, returning to a single location for all future tapings.

Several venues have been mooted. Most notably, returns to either Orlando's Universal Studios or the Nashville Fairgrounds. The one new locale mentioned was Las Vegas, but this has been widely discredited due to the elevated costs of operating and the company's obvious disappointment at the attendance figures drawn earlier this year.

It is claimed they plan to put this new cost-cutting measure into effect by early 2014 at the latest. Most likely to coincide with the impending UK tour, which allows them to tape an entire month's worth of programming inside of a single week.

Clem's Take: There's no good way to spin this move. Professional wrestling has traditionally been a touring industry and in six short months, TNA have proved themselves unable to sustain such a schedule. Based on their recent circumstances (mass releases, late pay, poor attendance), they have little choice but to concede. Rather than look at the negative aspects though, I look forward to the return of a stabilised company, one which doesn't have rumours of near bankruptcy surrounding it on a daily basis. I know the vast majority of fans would loathe a return to the Impact Zone, but that fact of the matter is it provided the company with a firm foundation for eight years and could easily do so again. It could be looked upon as a cowardly move, but I prefer to look at it as a tactical retreat. They may lose the battle, but they'll still be in the war.


News: Estimated TNA Slammiversary 2013 buys

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA's annual Slammiversary pay-per-view brought in 13,500 buys, a number 7% down from the previous year.

The show was headlined by 'The Icon' Sting challenging Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sting was ultimately defeated through outside interference and lost the opportunity to wrestle for the title in the future.

Clem's Take: It appears as if the plan to reduce the number of pay-per-views and raise their importance hasn't quite taken hold (yet). All three "major" shows so far (Genesis, Lockdown and Slammiversary) have yielded much the same results as their 2012 predecessors, if not less. It'd be interesting to see if the One Night Only specials are pulling in similar numbers to the monthly pay-per-views they replaced. I suspect the company will be paying very close attention to how October's Bound for Glory performs and plan their 2014 strategy accordingly. If they are showing no discernible gain by the end of the year, I wouldn't be surprised to see them return to the original monthly structure. With the recent usage of Destination X and Hardcore Justice as special editions of Impact Wrestling, that eventuality may be closer than we know.


News: TNA President Dixie Carter releases statement

After a troubled few weeks for TNA Wrestling, President Dixie Carter has released a statement via ImpactWrestling.com addressing any concerns for the company's well-being.

Hi everyone,

In the 11+ years that I have been with TNA, I am still amazed by the passion of pro wrestling fans. That passion – both positive and negative – is remarkable and something that all of us at TNA values.

With that said, I asked for questions from you like I have done many times in the past, but I didn’t provide a timeframe by which I would answer you. I know I have frustrated you all, and I apologize. Beginning next week, each Thursday, I will answer legitimate questions from you on a weekly basis. I will not, however, address outrageous or hurtful questions/posts.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to provide perspective from inside TNA – where we stand and where, with support from our current and future fans around the globe, we are going. What is being shared with you now is what was shared with the IMPACT roster before our phenomenal Destination X show from Louisville, KY last week.

This has been a big year for TNA. We took IMPACT LIVE on the road, exactly where it needs to be – where you’ve asked us to be – in your backyard. We also changed our Pay-Per-View schedule, shifting from 12 to four live Pay-Per-View events each year, in order to increase the value of these events for you. To grow TNA, these are moves that needed to be made. And, part of changes like this, includes structural changes within TNA to align with this new business model.

Many of your comments and questions reference our recent roster changes. The relationship that fans have with wrestlers is unique and one of the many great aspects of the wrestling business. And, for this reason, releasing talent is never easy – not for you and not for us. But, bringing in fresh faces and the best wrestling talent in the world is what you expect, and what TNA will always strive to deliver. Recently, we have brought back some talent favorites (Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and Homicide), and you will continue to see this and new talent that we are excited to introduce you to in the coming months.

TNA has always been, and will continue to be, a place where you can interact with the superstars, whether in person at a live show or via social channels, like Twitter and Facebook. We are constantly exploring new and interesting ways to take this interaction to another level, and you will see this unfold in the coming months. I appreciate each of you taking the time to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Your input and feedback helps us create a better product. I hope you will join us when IMPACT LIVE comes to your area.



Clem's Take: She makes a lot of valid points, ones that deserve paying attention to. Having seen Dixie's Twitter stream since she asked fans for questions, I've been downright disgusted at the bile some people have thrown in her direction. She's spending her own hard earned money to give us a show and this is the gratitude we have for her? Show some respect. If not for the business woman, the person. Even with all it's flaws, TNA is the closest we have to a viable alternative to WWE, who would otherwise hold a monopoly on Professional Wrestling. I, for one, am grateful for the choice she gives us every week.